NO.1 Your customer has part time employees. What do you configure in the system to have it
calculate the compa-ratio, range penetration, current salary and adjusted salary ranges?
Please choose the correct answer.
Choose one:
A. Set COMPENSATION_SAL_RATE_TYPE in the user data file (UDF) to FULL_TIME or PART_TIME.
B. Add the standard FTE field to the compensation plan template.
C. Set SALARY_PRORATING in the user data file (UDF) to the percent that the employees work full
D. Set the XML tag "is Actual Salary Imported" to TRUE in the compensation plan template.
Answer: B

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NO.2 In Admin Tools, you load a pay matrix table as shown in the attached screenshot.
You map attribute 1 to business unit and attribute 2 department.
On the compensation worksheet, an employee is in the Operations department, the ABC business
unit, and pay grade 3.
The employee's current range penetration is calculated as exactly 100%
What is the employee's current annual salary?
Please choose the correct answer.
Choose one:
A. 72000
B. 85000
C. 90000
D. 66000
Answer: A


NO.3 You want to export user compensation data from your customer's Success Factors system.
Which option in the Employee Data Export tool prevents any user compensation data from being
Please choose the correct answer.
A. Include imported field-level eligibility fields with system default import keys
B. Export as a batch process
C. Valid users only
D. Short format: only system fields
Answer: D


NO.4 You set up a merit guideline rule based on the performance rating.
You import guideline formulas as shown in the attached screenshot.
According to the imported formulas, what is the minimum merit guideline if an employee's
performance rating is 4?
Please choose the correct answer.
Choose one:
A. 2%
B. 1%
C. 0%
D. 4%
Answer: A

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